Earth – Edisi Inggris BUMI by Tere Liye

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My name is Raib. I’m 15 years old, a tenthgrader. I have two cats: Whitey and Blacky. My parents are nice. My teachers are great. My friends are kind and solid. I’m an ordinary girl just like you, and I live like most teenagers do, except for one thing. There’s something that I kept to myself ever since I was a kid. Something amazing. My name is Raib, and I can disappear. The first book from the series “EARTH”

Penerbit: Gramedia Pustaka Utama
Penulis: Tere Liye
Halaman: 432 hlm
ISBN: 9786020627519
Berat: 400 Gram
Dimensi (P/L/T): 14 Cm / 20 Cm/ 0 Cm
Jenis Cover: Soft Cover


Berat 400 g
Dimensi 14 × 20 × 1 cm


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